A web presense without all the hassels

We are IT enthusiasts. We simply enjoy technology and don't believe that it should be difficult or expensive to advertise your business online. We have done our best to cut out the bologna and deliver a service that was developed from a user’s perspective.


Quite honestly our hosted web space does not offer a lot of the flash that many big websites offer. It’s rather simplicity at its finest, but with your own team of webmasters and artists working behind the scenes.

We don't charge rediculous fees because we are a small business and have priced our services to cater to the small business comunity.

More than your webmasters. We are your digital foundation

We specialize in full featured ad space . This hybrid ad space is a cross between a classified ad and owning your own website. It is an affordable alternative for business owners who don't have the experience, time, or resources required to maintain a website. We focus on the success of your hybrid ad so that you can focus on running your business.

For those who need a little more, we also offer Bizabu WebSpace.  We'll provide a custom estimate for a multi-page, ad-free presence on the web and a domain name all your own.  This solution allows for optional email, spam filtering, custom art work and logo creation, and more.  You have the ability to make many edits for free by yourself, or with assistance from our support team at reasonable rates. 


We Build it!


Other companies want you to set up the site yourself, pay high setup costs, or permanent monthly fees. 

We'll consolidate your pictures, text and transform them into a sharp hybrid ad for a reasonable setup fee, with no monthly charges if you accept our advertising.  If you don’t like ads, we charge affordable monthly fees for an ad-free presence on the web, so you're only advertising your business.

If it turns out that you need full Bizabu WebSpace, we can do that too.   We'll take your requirements, provide a written estimate, build a hidden, draft site for your approval; register a domain all your own; and then make the site public once you approve.

Either way, you'll get a Bizabu member account that allows you to make many changes yourself, and access networking features as we add them to the site.

Custom Artwork Available


If you need help creating a logo, branding your site, or would like other custom artwork, let us be your one-stop-shop.  We can add custom work to either our hybrid ads or our Bizabu Web Pages.  Once you've purchased custom art work, it is yours whether you stay with us or move on.  Since every creation is custom, we're able to scope the work to fit within most budgets.


If custom artwork just isn't in your plan, we can supply shared images for use within your Bizabu product (only).

No Long-term Contracts

We don't need them because we believe you won't want to leave


adfgaerw33445.pngOur idea is to charge a small fee for hybrid ad creation, then allow you to cancel at any time whether you're paying for an ad-free product, or chose a product with ads that has no monthly fee. 


Even though they are more robust, the same goes for our Bizabu Web Pages: You aren't obligated to remain with us, and all fully paid, custom created art is yours to use elsewhere.

sdfesr64.jpgOnce you're setup, you can make many changes yourself in the easy to edit environment - if you want to.  If you have the skill to type up an email, you don't need to pay someone for simple changes, like text edits or a picture change.


But for more complicated changes, or any you're just plain not comfortable making yourself, we're here to help.  We'll ensure your site looks good with the changes we make, and that it continues to work properly.