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Bizabu™.com is the web / Hybrid Ad division of LegionaryTech™ LLC. LegionaryTech™ is a Veteran Owned Small Business that focuses on providing IT services to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Washington State. provides a simple, cost effective means for small businesses to establish a web presence without the hassle of maintaining a website. 

The founders of LegionaryTech™ are IT enthusiasts with over 25 years combined experience supporting mission critical Command and Control Systems for the U.S. Military. Our founders' mission objectives were clear: "Develop and maintain a clean and efficient methodology of delivering IT Support." Read more...

Who is this for? caters to business owners who do not have the time or technical expertise to get their business noticed online. We do the leg work for you and help ensure that your business gets noticed. This way you can concentrate on running your business while we work to maintain your digital presence. We work hard to seek out new partnerships, deals, training, and services for our members. If you are interested in a simple, low cost, low maintenance solution in Washington State then look no further than